28 February 2013

Zinc Intrday Sell call

Silver Intraday Sell call

SBI Intraday Sell call

R Infra Intraday Call 10% in One Day

Reliance Intrday Call

RCOM Intrday Sell Call

5900 Put 400% Returns

5800 Put 400% Return

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Nickel Intrday Sell call

Natural Gas Intraday

Lead Intraday

IFCI Intraday Sell Call

Gold Sell First Target Acheived

DLF Intrday

Crude Buy Call

Bhel Intrday call

Copper Buy Second Target Achieved

Aluminium First Target Achieved

27 February 2013

Zinc Intrday Call

Silver Intrday Call

SBI Intraday Call

RCOM Intraday Call

Nifty Intraday Call Achieved

Nickel Intraday Sell Call FTA

Mentha Oil Intrday Call

Lead Intrday Call

IFCI Intraday Call

Gold Intrday Sell Side Call

DLF Intraday

Crude Intraday Chart

Copper Sell Call intrday

Bhel Intraday Target Achieved

Cairn Intrday

Bharti Intrday Target Achieved

Aluminium Intrday Chart First Target Achieved

26 February 2013

Silver Two Target Achvd

Gold Buy 400 Points Intraday

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Silver Positional Please Verify Support and Res

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RCOM Positional All Target Done

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