30 November 2017

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Aluminium Trading Level's and Profit of 12 Point's In 30 day's

29 November 2017

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Zinc 17 Point's & Lead 14 Point's Profit Per Lot

26 November 2017

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How A YouTube Follower Made 155000/- from My Videos On Youtube.com

24 November 2017

(क्रूड ट्रेडर्स इस वीडियो को अवश्य देखें ) 
Crude Oil 5100 or 2500???

22 November 2017

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(NG 176 or 216 ????)
Natural Gas Trading level's for Short Term

17 November 2017

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9 November 2017

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Aluminium Update from Last Video

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Reason behind 35,000/Lot Profit In Aluminium, 
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35,000 Profit in 10 Day's Holding Call with Proof

दोस्तों मार्किट मैं पैसा बनाने के लिए पेशेंस एंड पैसा दोनों चाहिए। अगर पैसा है एंड पेशेंस नहीं है तोह भी पैसा नहीं बनेगा एंड पेशेंस है और पैसा नहीं है तोह भी नहीं 

2 November 2017

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What is More Important! 
Money Or Blessing's??
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1 November 2017

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