28 February 2018

As per ZINC monthly CHART zinc is Looking Overpriced and Overbought at these level's. And whenever ZINC gets overbought on weekly/Monthly Chart a minimum Correction of 20-40% happen's from the HIGH level and Hence we Expect a Decline Till 182-185 and then till  Sub 155 Level's in Day's to Come. But this is a LONG term prediction for NEXT 1 Year....For now the minimum downside should be till 214-205.70 level's that should come sooner then later..... AS WE CANT PREDICT THE TOP OF THIS COMMODITY AND HENCE WE SHOULD SELL AND HOLD ON REGULAR INTERVALS FOR THE GIVEN DOWNSIDE ...but as per HISTORIC data study of ZINC a STEEP decine is around the Corner.... www.sureshotformula.com

I have HIGHLIGHTED the overbought Zone of Current and PAST and you all can see what happened after that last time (Came 154 to 96 in May2015 to Nov2015) and thats why i am of Beleive that this RISING story should come to an end Shortly.....